My Journey.

“Hi! I’m Megan, a health educator and one
of the creators behind The Fasting Method.”
So, you might be wondering —
who is this woman to tell me what to eat?

Is she a doctor? A certified nutritionist? A government official? (For the love of all things diet…can we stop putting 100% of our faith in what government officials say we should be eating?)

And the answer is, no. I’m not any of those things.

Instead, I have something that most of
those other “specialists” don’t:

A lifetime of experience battling major diseases in patients
like nephrology, (a liver disease), helping my mother battle
illnesses growing up, and dealing with my own health
problems. From fatty liver disease, to polycystic ovarian
syndrome, to type 2 diabetes, I’ve had it all.

And nothing I did — or that any of the doctors or
nutritionists did — helped cure me, or my patients.

That is, until The Fasting Method.

My Professional Journey.


Started doing medical research in


None of the research outcomes following “traditional” medical interventions was working to cure kidney disease.

Thought about going back to school for law or actuarial sciences where I didn’t have to see patients
who I couldn’t help and who so desperately wanted
to be helped, but decided just to focus on improving
my own health.


On June 5th, we started our first fasting clinic, Intensive Dietary Management, in Toronto after
finally convincing our colleagues.


Started coaching clients online as well in the clinic
on fasting and nutritional interventions.


Changed our name to The Fasting Method and built
an online community of 3,000 people (and counting!)


Closed our in-person clinic.

Moved our community and coaching 100% online!


Launched The Fasting Method App.

Launched our first Intermittent Fasting Masterclass.

Became a NYT bestselling author
for Life in the Fasting Lane.

Moved to California, and have kept
expanding our program ever since!

My Personal Journey.


I slept on hospital ER floors more
than my own
bed as a kid while
my mother was constantly in
hospital. No one seemed to care
preventing her disease or
the root cause of it.
They just
treated her symptoms with

medications that caused more


I was diagnosed with non-
alcoholic fatty liver disease


Doctors didn’t know why I had
NAFLD because I
was a normal
weight according to the BMI
They told my parents we’d
keep an eye on it but I’d
“grow out of it” since I wasn’t
obese (fatty
liver is thought to be
a disease of obesity!)


I was diagnosed with polycystic
ovarian syndrome
(PCOS). The
doctors told my parents they
hoped I’d
grow out of it but I
should prepare to have fertility

challenges later on. 


My long-term relationship of 10
years fell apart and I
decided to
focus on getting my health

I started following the Canadian
Food Guide,
working out with a
trainer, seeing a nutritionist, and

doing all the “correct” things you
were supposed to

I ended up eating more than I had
ever eaten in my
entire life. I was
so sick I thought that may be it
was a
good thing I couldn’t get
pregnant – I could barely
care of myself.


I gained over 60 lbs and
developed type 2 diabetes.

My colleague, Dr. Jason Fung,
talked to me about fasting for the
first time.

I began a fasting routine.


I lost all of the weight (plus some
for a total of 86 lbs
lost!), totally
reversed my Polycystic ovary
nonalcoholic fatty
liver disease and type 2 diabetes,

and came off of ADHD

I started loving life again and
having way more

I was finally healthy!

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